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Changing Gears

I've started on the next Zoe Matthews book and wow, what a change. I finished up the Doomsday edit earlier in the year, wrote Jaden's Joy (I'm not sure yet when I'll be releasing that one), and have started on the next Zoe Matthews book. All three books are completely different, though Doomsday and Zoe Matthews are both paranormal mysteries.  

The pacing of Doomsday is often pretty intense. There's a lot of action, a lot of fighting for your life in that one. One of the challenges with that one was knowing when to give readers a break from the action so they could catch their breaths. Then, amping up the action again before they got too relaxed. Remy and Vincent and his team fight half-men, zombies, a dark magician, and an entire coven of magicians. I wanted Doomsday to be as action-packed as any other dystopian zombie story on the market.

The Zoe Matthews books take place in a small town in a close-knit community. There's always a murder or two that she and her two friends (Nora and Kate) investigate. Sometimes she investigates with Ren, her new love interest. Sometimes Connor, her ghost sidekick, even joins in...whether she wants his help or not. The pace is much slower. As I was plotting the 2nd book in the series out I kept wanting to throw in Zoe and her friends getting attacked and having to fight off whatever it was attacking them. Then I remember, Zoe can't fight. 

But it's nice to be back in Bridgeport. It's almost like visiting someplace I used to live. I've got a great idea for this book, so hopefully readers enjoy it!

Happy Reading!

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