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Making things easier for readers!

I'm changing things up a bit. I'm switching my romance titles from Heather Elizabeth King to Adrienne Kama. One of the things that's important with publishing is branding. Good branding makes it easier for the reader to buy the kind of books they want to read. For instance, if they see the name Heather Elizabeth King they'll know they're getting a book with monsters. There will be some scares and lots of action. If they get an Adrienne Kama book they'll know the focus of the story is romance and there will be some sex.

Right now, I can look at some of my Heather Elizabeth King books on Amazon and see that people who predominately buy romance are trying them out. Which is cool, but optimally, those books should be being purchased by people who read other books in the paranormal genre. I hope that doing a better job defining what name writes what will better help readers find what they're looking for.

Happy Reading!

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