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How NOT TO Date a Romantic Fiction Lover

I have noticed some interesting things out in the dating world. Things that have inspired me to create this list of tips on, How NOT TO Date a Romantic Fiction Lover.

You may think your chances of randomly coming across a romantic fiction lover are slim, but you'd be surprised how many of us there are out there. Romance is the top selling genre of all fiction genres. THE TOP SELLING! So it's not unlikely that you may meet a woman who reads lots and lots of romance. Here's what you may not know. Romantic fiction is essentially fantasy fiction for women. What works in a book won't necessarily work in real life. So, if you happen to meet this woman, here are a few tips:

  1. Don't be a creeper! In romantic fiction, there's often some swashbuckling male who sees the heroine, falls instantly in love, and sets out to win her over. No matter what it takes! He watches her, figures out the things she loves, then uses what he's learned to woo her. Perfectly fine in fiction. In real life, that's called stalking. Just. Don't.
  2. Kidnapping is never a good option. NEVER! This happens more in historical romance, sci-fi romance, and BDSM erotic romance. Honestly, it's never a good idea in real life. Carrying a woman off to some secret lair that you've created, with the express purpose of making her fall in love with you may read good in a book. In real life, it's a crime. This is just a tip. Do with it what you will.
  3. The alpha male. Romance readers LOVE reading about alpha males. I myself have written more than a few books featuring an alpha male. Thing is, alpha males are fantastic on the page, but not so fantastic in real life. You can't just go around throwing women over your shoulder and carrying them off in real life and expecting them to be okay with it. 

In closing, I'd just like to say that romantic fiction is fun to read, but should never be used as a dating guide. Follow these tips and you'll be well on your way to winning over that special romantic fiction lover in your life.

NOTE: All tips contained in this blog post must be read with a full serving of humor. A bit of JD Tennessee Honey may not be a bad idea, either.

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