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Way To Stay Positive #2

It's been a minute since I posted. I won't give you the usual dribble about being crazy busy and running around like a chicken...uh, swan with her head cut off. Fact is, if I'd been better organized I would have had the time to blog. At positivity I'm an ace, but I'm still mastering organization!

So, I now present:

Positivity Step #2 - Write It Down!

My next tip will sound slightly ridiculous at first, but I promise you, it's effective. This one may require a small outlay of money. What you'll need for this step is a package of Post Its or a small memo pad. What you're going to do with that memo pad is this; whenever you're hit with a barrage of negative thoughts, write that negative thought on the pad. Directly under the negative thought write down a contradicting positive thought. Again, I know this sounds silly, but it's effective.

EX: Negative Thought -  I'm gonna be in this dead end job forever. Positive Thought - I don't have to be in this job forever if I don't want to be. I can get more education via online or onsite classes, and I can begin networking.

The key here is to get you thinking in a way that is positive, even if you don't completely believe the positive things you write down at first. Eventually, you'll believe good things can and will happen for you.

Why is Writing It Down effective?

1. It teaches you how to begin replacing negative thoughts with positive ones. Soon you won't need a pad to write your thoughts on because replacing the few negative thoughts you'll have will be second nature.

2. When you start writing your thoughts down you'll see how many of them are negative and want to change that.

3. The act of writing down a contradicting thought is theraputic, it takes a bit of the thunder out of the bad thought.

 Changing your thought and talk patterns won't happen over night, but if you work on it, it will happen.

I'll be back soon with Way To Stay Positive #3 so stay tuned.

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