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You know the rest, "Find out what it means to me." Great song...a classic, but how many people have given thought to how important Respect is in a relationship? How many times have you been out and seen some woman belittling her man in front of anyone listening? Telling everyone how lousy in bed he is, how he didn't get the brains in his family and how he is straight up lucky she's even with him (total lack of self-confidence on her part, but that's another post)? And how many times have you seen some man talking about how fat his girl is. These are just examples, but they both equal the same thing. Disrespect which equals pain and eventually a break up.

Nobody likes to be taken for granted or treated poorly. Remember that old saying about sticks and stones breaking bones but names never hurting. That couldn't be more wrong. Words spoken by someone you love hurt. In fact, that hurt a lot.

Respect goes beyond words, too. It's in how you treat a person. In not going out with your loved one and staring down someone of the opposite sex that you think is hot. Even if your loved one says they don't mind, that's just tacky!

Respect is taking into account how the person you're with feels. And if that person is worth your while, they should be doing the same for you. If you really love the person you're with as much as you say you do, treating them with respect should come naturally.

I've only included a couple of examples of  respect/disrespect. What is respect to you?

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