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Location Research

I've started work on a new story, which is always wonderful. By the time I get a book to the final stages before publication, I pretty much can't stand looking at it anymore. Working on something new is refreshing!

This story is a romance with a light paranormal plot. It takes place in an ups…

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Where'd That Wall Come From?

Long ago, on a word processor far, far away, I sat down at my computer and began to type my first novel. I was a novice at fiction so things like info dropping meant nothing to me. I also didn't know anything about outlining a story before I began. I simply sat at my desk and started writing the sto…

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For Writers - The Dreaded Query Letter

Getting published isn't as difficult as it may seem. It doesn't take spending a year in Hogwarts where you'll learn how to spell a publisher into publishing you and it's not like the music business where you often have to have a certain look to get a label's attention. In publishing you have to wr…

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