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Location Research

I've started work on a new story, which is always wonderful. By the time I get a book to the final stages before publication, I pretty much can't stand looking at it anymore. Working on something new is refreshing!

This story is a romance with a light paranormal plot. It takes place in an upscale waterfront town. A waterfront town; but I'm not sure where it is exactly. A couple weeks back I did some location scouting in Old Town Alexandria. Old Town a great place, but I couldn't see my characters inhabiting that world. I realized once I was there that my town isn't just a village on the water, but a village on the sea. The characters don't have the disposition of people who live in the city. They're a bit more laid back.

Location of a story is so important for me. The location can change the whole feel of things. For me, Old Town Alexandria makes me think of gothic romances and haunted house stories, which isn't what this book is.

So I still have no idea where my fake town is located. I've described it in the book, but who knows what state it's in. I suppose as the story progresses I'll get an epiphany. For now, I know they're on the East Coast.

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