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A Weekend in Baltimore!

The Baltimore Book Festival was last month and it was so much fun! I brought Maggie with me, she's one of my editors (Stephanie Martin is the other). We decided to make a weekend of it and head up on Friday after work.

We got to Maryland Friday night. We were both starving so we went to Ram's Head Tavern in Savage Mill. It was a meh, experience. Nothing like I remembered from when I lived there. But they did have a few good beers...

...Since I couldn't remember any of their selection I opted for the sampler. So did Maggie. Good stuff. If I remember correctly, the Wisteria Wheat was Maggie's favorite. I usually go for whatever is dark. Stouts and porters, and ambers.

The service was awful and I was pretty tired from working all day and driving, so we headed back to the hotel and crashed.

The next day was go day! Maggie got us up and going early Saturday morning. We enjoyed our complimentary breakfast and then headed out, with one pit stop at Giant for book signing candy. Readers LOVE book signing candy. And we got the good stuff. Snickers. There was other chocolate in there, but all I really cared about were the dozens of tiny Snickers bars.

I found a pretty good parking spot, but getting all those books to the tent wasn't fun. Maggie got an injury midway. It was pretty slow going until a nice man took pity on us and helped us out.

I tried to explain to Magz what an 8 hour book signing was like, but I don't think she really understood until about 4 hours in. It didn't help that things were slow going at first. Then 4:30 hit and things picked up and books started moving. After that, the time flew by and all the sudden it was time to pack up...and enjoy our evening in Baltimore.

There are lots of places to go, so I drove Maggie around the city and let her choose. She chose the brightest, loudest spot we passed. Power Plant Live!

Power Plant Live! is a sort of entertainment complex that has about 5 different clubs in one spot. You pay a cover to enter the general area, then have access to most of the spots. And there are bars everywhere.

We danced a a band who only play 30 seconds of every song they knew. That's them in the picture. Surprisingly, people were enjoying the hell out of them, despite the fact that they only played 30 seconds of every song they knew. After we got tired of the 30 second hits, we went to the piano bar, passed by a space playing country music, and of course, had a drink or two.
Here we are. This is when we first got there. I think we were out till about 2, then were on our way back to the hotel where guessed it. We crashed.

Next day it was time to head home.

It was a really good weekend. We have to do it again.

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