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Indie vs. Traditional

First let me preface this by saying publishing houses never twist an author's arm and make them sign a publishing contract. That decision is the author's. But once the author signs that contract they are giving up some aspects of creative control. For instance, when I sold my urban fantasy novel Doomsday, I sold it as a romance. There was a small, romantic subplot in the book that I agreed to expand once I sold it. I also had to change the name of my book, as Doomsday didn't make readers envision happiness and love. So the name of the book became Tainted Love.

When I got my book cover for Tainted Love I was pleasantly shocked by how pretty it was. I loved the pinks. The only problem was, readers would buy that book expecting a sweet romance and instead get a heroine with a flame thrower and pages full of zombies. That beautiful book cover made me feel like I was falsely advertising my book. It was also hard to get readers who actually enjoyed urban fantasy to read my book.

So once I was able to, I got the rights to Tainted Love back. I changed the name back to Doomsday and got cover art I felt better represented the story. I'm working on re-writing that story right now. It remains to be seen which sales will be better, the sweet book cover, or the dark book cover. My hope is with the dark book cover. Either way, I feel better able to snag readers who are into dark tales instead of ones looking to fall in love for a few hours. :-)

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