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Luna Bay - paranormal erotic romance

During the day I work as a Business Analyst. Last week we had our birthday lunch for the month. I'm new to the team so many don't know I write fiction. One of my co-workers asked what I write, I said paranormal mysteries and paranormal romance. At paranormal romance, she burst out laughing. She'd never heard of that sub-genre before, until recently. She wasn't rude at all, but I thought, I'm glad I didn't mention the paranormal erotic romance!

Luna Bay is a book I originally published back in 2007. I haven't read it since I approved the final proof of it, and to be honest, I'm pretty scared of reading it. Angela, a friend I used to work with, read it a while back and assured me it isn't crap, but I'm still afraid. I wrote that book while my marriage was falling apart. My marriage ended within weeks of me turning in the final to my editor. I was also about two months overdue. It was the worst possible time to be writing a book. I remember thinking, as I struggled to finish it, "if I'm ever able to finish this book it will be my greatest triumph!"

Well, I did finish it. And it received some good reviews. But now that I've resurrected Adrienne Kama--so to speak--and am re-releasing many of those books, I thought it would be a great time to re-release Luna Bay and give it the TLC I was unable to give it a few years ago.

I didn't release this one with Ellora's Cave, so I'm not sure how many people even know it exists.

Now, when I read the blurb, I'm amazed at how subconsciously I wrote things from my own life into this book. For Belle, the man she loved fell out of love with her. She tried to win his love back, and in the process, ended up wasting many years of her life. So she wished for a new one. Literally. Up at the top of the book it says - and I love this - "BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR, YOU JUST MIGHT GET IT!" For Belle, she got A LOT more than she bargained for.

After eighteen years of marriage to an emotionally cruel husband, Belle Harris realizes she has wasted nearly two decades of her life with a man who does not love her. Newly divorced and forty-three, Belle wants another chance at happiness. An unexpected encounter with an eccentric book seller who claims to have a magical fix for her problems may be the solution. With nothing to lose, Belle speaks enchanted words that send her eighteen years into the past to relive her life. Unfortunately for Belle, the eccentric book seller not only sends her back in time, he sends her to an alternate universe teeming with supernatural beings, malevolent warlocks, and sexy as sin lycan. Belle is not prepared to face the challenges that await her in this new world. Neither is she prepared for her body s immediate response to the sensual lycan warlord, Anwar.

Anwar Thomas has sworn allegiance to the ruling family of his wolfpack, and until recently, peace has reigned among his people. The emergence of the sinister lycan, Derq, and his bid for control has divided the inhabitants of Luna Bay. Making matters worse, the body of a lycan male is found in town. The last thing Anwar needs is distractions. But once he sets eyes on the sultry beauty, Belle, he s hard pressed to control his desire for her.

Sexy Excerpt - WARNING - This excerpt contains adult language and imagery

Belle walked past the second floor bathroom and paused in front of Kevin’s door. The music wasn’t coming from there. There was another room in the opposite direction, but Belle didn’t bother going back that way to investigate. The music was coming from in front of her, not from behind. She’d thought there were only three bedrooms on the second floor. Somehow she’d missed the fourth room. Now that she was in the hall looking, she could see the door to the fourth bedroom at the end of the hall, and from the noise coming from the other side, she figured she’d found the source of the music.

She crossed the hall, listened at the door for a few seconds, and then knocked. The door swung gently open, but not onto another room as she’d expected, but onto a wide, outdoor walkway. The moment she stepped outside she could feel the cool night breeze rising off of the sea and smell the fragrant scent of the ocean. The moon was a large crescent in the sky, shining brilliantly from above.

Apparently, this house was even larger than she’d realized.

Various, overstuffed lawn chairs and lounges were positioned around a large table. Candles were set on tall stands and upon the walkway wall, but none were lit.

On the other side of the walkway was an open door. Loud music blared from within. By now she could tell it was hard rock of some sort. The singer was squealing about something or other, trying to be heard over dueling guitars and drums.

More curious than before, she walked to the door, intending only to pull it shut, then go down and let the dog in. Maybe she’d get a little peak inside, but just a peak, nothing more.

She stepped into the doorway, bent inside to clasp the doorknob, then gasped.

A man. A man unlike any she’d ever seen, was in a corner of a sea blue bedroom doing pull-ups. And he was naked. As naked as the day he was born. But as far as she could see, his body didn’t have an ounce of baby fat on it.

His shoulders were wide and such a creamy shade of milk-chocolate that she had to crush a sudden desire to walk to him, press her lips to his hot flesh and run her tongue along his succulent curves.

Muscles rippled as he worked, every complete circuit was accompanied by a low, masculine grunt that made Belle’s insides roll. His skin was slick with sweat. Beads of moisture glided over his shoulders, down his spine and into the crevice between his butt cheeks. Watching that slow, seductive trail of dampness trickle over his body made Belle a little light-headed. Her heart raced, she began to pant, and she couldn’t pull her eyes away from the delicious tableau for all the tea in china.

She could see his face in the full-length mirror set into the wall in front of him, and his face was as perfect as the rest of him. Deep brown eyes were narrowed with concentration, and his dark brows were furrowed. Save a light dusting of stubble on his chin, his skin was smooth and unblemished. He had a wide mouth, and temptingly full lips. Lips she suddenly wanted to taste.

His chest was as muscled as his back and tapered down to narrow hips. He was as perfect as the man in her dream had been.

She had to swallow before she let her eyes dip lower, before she found out just how perfect this stranger really was.

Her eyes slid down, past his hips to his strong thighs, over his hairy skin to his flaccid penis. She bit her lower lip as she stared, feeling dazed. Her body was rousing as it hadn’t in years. Desire, pure and unfiltered, had her nipples hardening into tight buds.

Even at rest his size was impressive. His shaft lay against a thatch of curly dark hair. From where she was standing, she could see it was thick, with skin that looked silken and soft. She wondered what a man like the one in this room, who was so well endowed, could do to a woman like her; a woman who had gone without the attention of a man for more years than she could remember. How fantastic could he make her feel? Would he be a selfish lover like Stan, or one who sought to see that she took as much pleasure in sex as he did. Like the man she’d dreamt about that first night after she’d made her wish. That perfect, beautiful, imaginary man who’d made love to her.

Biting her lip harder, she refocused on the tender flesh bobbing between his legs. The engorged cockhead, the thickening shaft, his…

She blinked, got another look at the body part in question. It wasn’t lying docilely against the man’s thigh anymore but hard and swollen.

Her jaw sagged. She forced her eyes up, past the reflection of his tight abs, beyond his nipples, his wide shoulders, and to his face. “Oh,” she chirped in a high, panicky voice.

He was staring right back at her.

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