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My Daily Commute

Once upon a time...

I worked in a corporate office and had to drive to work every day. I may again, someday, but while I don't have to, I'm enjoying it. I'd wake up late, pray, say hello to the kitties, then rush to shower and dress. I'd get annoyed on the drive to work by all the stupid drivers, then try to not be annoyed by the time I got to my desk so I could enjoy my day! I parked in the parking garage and walked a block to the office. Now I wake up, pray, say hi to the cats (sprawled on the bed beside me), go to the kitchen to make breakfast and tea, I don't shower yet because I work out around noon and get sweaty, so I spend the morning in yoga pants and a tank top. Then I take breakfast to the office and work for the rest of the morning. I work after lunch, too. And after dinner. But it's not so bad because the book work is all work I enjoy! 


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