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The Making of an AWESOME Release Day!

I've been indie publishing for about a year now and I've learned a lot! Since October 2014 I've released 4 books. By December 2015 I'll have released 6. It's been a busy year.

All of the research I've done since October 2014 shows that the best plan to have followed would have been to focus on my Heather Elizabeth King books (since that's the name I plan to continue to write under). But I really wanted to finish the Stella Rice series for readers. 2015, ten years after the release of the original serial, seemed perfect. As a result, at the end of 2015 I'll have 3 releases as Adrienne Kama and 3 releases as Heather Elizabeth King.

I don't regret making the decision to release books under two different names. Doing this has given me some valuable information I wouldn't have gotten any other way. Heather Elizabeth King is new to readers, but as Adrienne Kama, I have a readership. This difference proved to be critical in helping me see how Amazon sales work. 

When I released the first Stella Rice book, people were waiting to buy it. As a means to further prompt sales, I did a release day sale, offering the book for $.99. (Now I know a lot of authors scoff at this. I once scoffed myself, but there's a method to the madness. Continue reading to understand what I mean.) On release day, my sales skyrocketed. I was flabbergasted at how many books I sold. This was pretty cool, but it was also pretty scary because my intention was to retire Adrienne Kama so I could focus on writing paranormals under Heather Elizabeth King. With such great sales numbers, that would be difficult to do. lol About a week after release day, I brought the price up to $4.99. Because the sales had been so good, the book continued to sell, even at the higher price. Mind you, the sales didn't keep the numbers I had on the first and second day of release, but for a little over a month they stayed at a level that enabled me to see how successful indie authors are able to write full time. Why they always say  it's a numbers game. The more books you have available to readers, the more they'll buy. Even if they start midway in a series. If they like what they read enough, they'll find other stuff you've written. When the first Stella Rice book came out, sales for my novella, Again increased. That's a book that came out in 2007. But the new readers I'd acquired through my Amazon sales wanted more!

With the second Stella Rice book I wanted to see how the sales would be if I didn't offer a release day sale. I released the book at $4.99, but everything else I did was the same. BIG DIFFERENCE! I had good sales, but they didn't match my sales numbers for the first book. Setting my first book at $.99 increased sales and visibility of that book, which led to more sales. This is one of the big reasons why indies do $.99 sales on new releases. It sells books, which sells more books, which sells backlist books. When the final Stella Rice book comes out I'm going to do the $.99 sales price again, to verify my results.

Lots going on. I can say this for indie publishing, it's definitely exciting. I love having the control to try different things with my releases and learn what works and what doesn't work.  

Happy Reading!


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