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Facebook Live - Behind the Book

I'll be chatting about the, A Bridgeport Mystery series, books in general, and writing, live on my Facebook Author Page. It'll be very informal, totally unedited, and I may even have a beer. So grab your own beer, a coke, or sparkling water, and join me! It'll be Wednesday night at 7:30. If you…

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I've expanded the publication of Doomsday. If you haven't read it yet but would like to check it out, you can find it at this retail sites:

Apple Books
Barnes and Noble


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It's Alive!

Zoey Matthews, the Undead Ghost, and the Demon is ALIVE and available for purchase! You can find Zoey Matthews, the Undead Ghost, and the Demon, at these retail sites:
Apple Books
Barnes and Noble


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It's coming...

Zoey Matthews, the Undead Ghost, and the Demon are available for pre-order at 


An ancient manuscript. A dead ex. One last chance to take control of her life.

The only plan Zoey Matthews had that day was to take the first step in putting her life together after her h…

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Bridgeport Mysteries Series News


I've decided to pull the Bridgeport Mysteries series temporarily. The third book in the series is finished. This seems like a great time to re-read the first two books and make sure the series flows together as it should. I haven't made any major changes, but now that I know so much about the…

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Changing a Book Cover

I've changed the book cover to The Thing Beneath the Stairs

I’ve decided to change the book cover for The Thing Beneath the Stairs. If you see this book cover, it’s not a new book.

I did this for branding purposes. I want all of my haunted house stories to have the same look. This will enable…

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My MystiCon Schedule

I have my schedule for MystiCon. It should be a great weekend! 

MystiCon happens February 28 - March 1 in Roanoke, Virginia.


   --Friday 4PM - New Author Bootcamp

   --Saturday 9AM - Dear Author: Don't Do That

   --Saturday 10AM - Self Publishing: You're Doing it Right!


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Kindle Unlimited


I've made a HUGE change. I've taken these books down from the other retail sites and gone exclusive with Amazon so I can put these books in Kindle Unlimited. That means, if you're part of Kindle Unlimited, you can read these books for free! Check out my author page on Amazon to start …

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It’s not even the end of the year and I’m already changing my publishing schedule.

I’m going to put the St. Sebastians books on the back burner for a while and focus entirely on horror and urban fantasy.

After I finish polishing the 3rd Bridgeport book,  I think this is the nex…

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Pre-order on Amazon

Something in the House is available for pre-order on Amazon! It will be available for purchase on Saturday, November 23rd!


Some mysteries are better left unsolved…

Holly Murphy arrives in Virginia on a stormy, winter evening, fearful something terrible has happened to her father…

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I have a new blog address!

Writing with Soul

Writing with soul. That seems like an easy thing to do, but it's a lot harder than it seems. Stephen King (who everyone knows is my favorite author) and JK Rowling have mastered infusing soul into the books they write. That's one of the reasons their books sell so well. For JK Rowling, she's not w…

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Outline Killers

Plotter or Pantser?

That's the question asked in writer circles around the world. I am a proud, card carrying, plotter.

My plotting method is a bit crazy, but it works for me. First, I plot out the beginning of the book. I go as far as I can easily get. Once I'm happy with what I have, I write…

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Since I've gone indie, one thing that I find myself doing a few times a year is....

reviewing then re-calibrating if necessary. What I mean by that is, I step back and look at all of my stats and decide if I like what I see. If I do like what I see, I continue doing what I'm doing. If I don't like …

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Sunday Q&A Vlog - Improving as a writer

Sunday Q&A Vlog - Plotting of flying by the seat of your pants

Sunday Q&A Vlog - How to get published



What's with the free books!!!


    One of the things people often ask indie authors has to do with book pricing. They wanna know what's with all the free books. The thought is that if an author sells a book for $.99 or (gasp) gives it away for free, it's because they don't think the story is worth much. But that couldn't be f…

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The perfect and inexpensive date night

Movie Night

I am an unrepentant and sappy romantic. I love all things that have to do with romance. That goes double for romantic dates, which probably isn't surprising since I write romance. But there seems to be a disconnect somewhere between men and women. Women …

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How NOT TO Date a Romantic Fiction Lover

I have noticed some interesting things out in the dating world. Things that have inspired me to create this list of tips on, How NOT TO Date a Romantic Fiction Lover.

You may think your chances of randomly coming across a romantic fiction lover are slim, but you'd be surprised how many of us there…

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