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Jaden Quinn quit her dead end job, put all of her belongings in storage, and is spending the summer at her aunt’s beach house in St. Sebastians. In short, she’s trying to escape. But escaping the ghost that has haunted her since she was a child isn’t so easy.

In beautiful, windswept St. Sebastians, anything can happen. Jaden meets Kenda, a man as rugged as he is handsome. A man who may make her believe in love again. And she meets two women who have been haunted by the same ghost that has haunted her.

But the ghost is not a ghost. And it’s far more dangerous than Jaden ever imagined. Will she face this evil with Kenda by her side, or will she be forced to face the darkness alone?






Hayley Green thought she could create the life of her dreams. She owns a popular art gallery, has a loft overlooking the ocean, and has begun a passionate affair with one of St. Sebastians most wanted bachelors, Chris Browning. Though she wants more than steamy sex with Chris, she knows the entity that haunts her will never allow her to be happy.

And now that entity wants her dead.

With the help of three women who’ve been haunted by the same entity that haunts her, Hayley fights to regain control of her life. Will she be able to free herself from the grip of evil so she can finally find happiness with Chris, or will the entity destroy her and everything she holds dear forever?