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Top Three Ways to Make Editors Love You!

Attractive Woman with Her BooksEditors, one of the most important ingredients in a professional writer’s career. Whether you’re traditionally published or an indie author, working with an editor is part of every author’s life. So here I present, for your reading pleasure, The Top Three Ways to Make Editors Love You!

1. Edit Yourself: One of the biggest mistakes a writer can make is sending in their mss without editing it themselves first. I even like to go a step further by sending it out to beta readers and having my grammar savvy friend do a line edit. Sending in unedited work to an editor makes you look amateurish and unprofessional.

2. Be Professional: Nobody likes getting back edits. It’s not fun to work for months to create a story, put your heart and soul into it, then have to send it off to someone for them to find all the holes in it. Getting edited can be tough, but it’s part of the job. More importantly, edits make your book better. So always be professional with an editor when they send you edits. Don’t argue with them. If you disagree with an edit, present your reasons in a professional manner. Remember, an editor’s job is to help make your book the best it can be. You’re both on the same team.

3. Adhere to Deadlines: Editors are people too. And most editors have many projects they’re working on. Adhering to editing deadlines isn’t only professional, it also shows that you respect your editor and their time. When you meet your deadlines, your editor won’t have to juggle their editing schedule because you turned your book in late.

Of course there are more than three ways to make editors love you, but these are my top three. Remember them and you’ll never be one of those writers who makes editors groan as soon as they see your name on an email.

Happy Reading!


Heather Elizabeth King is a novelist who lives in Virginia and writes paranormal mysteries. She's been a story teller since she can remember. Some of her favorite memories are of telling stories to her girlfriends at slumber parties when she was a pre-teen. Heather is a recipient of numerous book review awards, including: *The Gold Star Award from Just Erotic Romance Reviews *A Recommended Read from Fallen Angel Reviews *The Joyfully Recommended Award from Joyfully Reviewed *A CAPA Award nomination from The Romance Studio.

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