Got books? The answer to that question for me is a resounding, yes! I got a box of books last week and am getting another box, probably this week. Don’t get too excited, though. The books are my books, so I’ve already read them and I know how they end. What makes this book delivery exciting is that it’s for the Roanoke Author Invasion on April 7.

I used to carry well over a hundred books with me to book signings, but I learned (after much muscle strain and bicep pain) that I don’t need to bring that many books with me to a book signing. I’ve never sold hundreds of books at a book signing. Most I’ve sold is ten copies of a single title, so I typically don’t carry around more than ten copies of each book that I’m signing/selling. There are some books I sell more of than others. For instance, at the last HallowRead (2018 website update coming soon!) I noticed that I sold a lot more of Doomsday and Zoe Matthews, the Undead Ghost and the Demon, than I did of Haunted.

I tend to do AirBnB when I have to go out of town for a book event. I only stay with superhosts (since I’m a single female) and have had wonderful experiences. Roanoke is only an hour away, but the Author Invasion is a 2 day event, so I like to stay overnight. I also take part in Mysticon (though I wasn’t able to this year) in February, and that takes place over a weekend, so I wanted someplace nice to stay while in Roanoke. And I found it! The luxury RV.


A dream of mine is to one day tour the US in an RV. But I never actually stayed in one. So the first time I booked a stay in the RV, I figured it would tell me if I could actually live on one for weeks at a time.

Verdict…I loved it! The bedroom was small, but so cozy and warm. I immediately made myself at home. There was a bathroom of course, with a fully functional shower.

RV bedroom

And a kitchen with complimentary coffee, oatmeal, granola bars, etc. There was also fresh coffee and goodies in the main house.


One of the best things about the RV, though, were the hosts. At the last HallowRead, I came back to the RV between events and ran into the hostess. She’s traveled extensively and had recently been to France. So she invited me to lounge on one of their hammocks, share a glass or two of French wine, and chat. You never get that at a chain hotel.

Sadly, the RV is no longer available to rent (which is why I’m sharing this! lol I wouldn’t want the competition, otherwise), so I have to find someplace new to stay. But it was a great place to refresh after a long day of talking books!

Happy Reading!

Heather Elizabeth King is a novelist who lives in Virginia and writes paranormal mysteries. She's been a story teller since she can remember. Some of her favorite memories are of telling stories to her girlfriends at slumber parties when she was a pre-teen. Heather is a recipient of numerous book review awards, including: *The Gold Star Award from Just Erotic Romance Reviews *A Recommended Read from Fallen Angel Reviews *The Joyfully Recommended Award from Joyfully Reviewed *A CAPA Award nomination from The Romance Studio.

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